Courtly Gestures

When Gillian Covington finds herself badly injured at the bottom of a rocky cliff, she nearly gives up hope. But when she wakens later, a small angel has placed a big dog beside her before turning to leave. Is this a dream or real life?

When she wakes again, she sees a lumberjack, who says he is the angel's father. But everyone knows angels don't have fathers, or do they?


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Courtly Gestures

By Nancy Arant Williams

Gillian Covington woke from unconsciousness at the bottom of a rocky cliff. Confused and disoriented, she cast her gaze around her and took in her surroundings. A feeling of helplessness assailed her for the first time in her life.

The temperature dropped like a rock as darkness fell and she dozed, leaning again the hard cliff wall. Her body began to stiffen from her injuries. Every movement, even to adjust her position, now caused jarring lightning flashes of pain.

Letting her eyes adjust to the darkness, she vaguely discerned the outline of what looked like a little girl. Thinking she was hallucinating, she blinked, forcing her blurry eyes to focus on the child's beautiful face. Only the lightest of spring dresses or was it a nightgown, covered her slight figure, leaving her totally unprotected from the cold. What appeared to be a wolf or a large dog accompanied the child, but stood some distance away, watching.

The low clouds moving in, shed an eerie, dim glow, light reflected off the moisture in the air. In the odd light, Gillian could see the child had flawless fair skin and expressive eyes. Gillian smiled. The little girl continued to stare, her wispy white-blonde hair curling in the dampness of the night. Her wise eyes were full of understanding, but for some reason, she refused to speak a single word.



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