In The Company of Angels

It's every woman's dream to be married, isn't it? For Kylie Davenport, at age forty-four, the first five months of marriage to Rad Davenport have been happy, at least until she receives a letter from her husband's ex-wife, saying his three teenaged children will be coming to live with them for the next four years. And they will arrive in less than three hours!

Thus begins the roller coaster ride of Kylie's life.

She wishes she could discuss things with her mother, but she died a year earlier, and to make things worse, Kylies' nights are filled with disturbing nightmares about her death.

As if things aren't complicated enough, their neighbor is acting strangely, and Rad's personality is subtly changing; the gentle man she married seems to have been replaced by someone else entirely.

She's always thought of herself as a strong woman, but with pressures mounting, she's beginning to wonder...


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By Nancy Arant Williams

"Sudden movement out the window caught her attention, and she turned her gaze to Dan, who stood just inside his kitchen door, talking to someone. Fatigued and shaky, Kylie sat down on the commode to watch. The conversation quickly turned violent, and she frowned in shock as Dan slammed the other man in the jaw and knocked him to the floor. She stood riveted as they fought, unable to believe her eyes. Dan had always seemed like such a gentle man. Were here eyes deceiving her?

She had a good view of his house. Their driveways were side by side, and the morning sun hit the door, illuminating what would ordinarily be in shadow for the rest of the day. She stood transfixed as Dan dragged the inert man out of the doorway. He appeared again a second later and looked around to see if anyone was watching. His gaze flitted toward her upstairs window, and she quickly backed away, unsure whether he had seen her or not.

Her heart thudded in her chest, and her breathing was ragged as she stood hugging the wall, trying to catch her breath. She felt as if her chest would explode.

After a few seconds, she peeked through the corner of the window. His door was closed. Anxiety gripped her.

Just who was the bad guy here? Should she phone the police? She felt as if she'd stepped down the rabbit hole after Alice, into a world where nothing was as it should be."



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